Grants: a guide to the Energy Assistance Package

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Jamie is Research Assistant on the Switched On! project. A resident of Edinburgh for most of his life, he’s excited to be working with the community to create a more sustainable city.

The Scottish Government's Energy Assistance Package offers real help to people in Scotland who find it hard to heat their homes.

You could save money on energy, or maybe even get insulation for your home or a whole new heating system.

Call your local advisor on 0800 512 012 now, for personalised advice.

What happens if I phone?

You have a local advisor who knows what's on offer and can tell you more about:

  • how to save energy in your home - the advice can save you up to £300 a year
  • lower cost energy rates without switching supplier - that can save up to £150 a year
  • finding out about money available from benefits and tax credits
  • free loft and cavity wall insulation
  • grants for energy saving measures like central heating, to make your home warmer.

What you could get depends on your circumstances.


Who can call?

Everyone can phone us, and we are especially keen to hear from you if you or someone living with you are either:

  • 60 or over
  • currently receiving benefits
  • pregnant
  • has a child under 5
  • has a disabled child under 16.

The Scottish Government wants to make sure that everyone in Scotland who needs help with their energy costs saves money and keeps cosy. If you sometimes struggle when the fuel bills need paid, you're exactly the kind of person this scheme is for.


  • you'll be calling a local advisor
  • everyone is different, so our advice is personal - especially for you and your home
  • your advisor will guide you through every step of the way.

This is a real chance to make yourself better off. So don't miss out. Pick up the phone or go online today. And if you know anyone else who could do with a hand - pass it on.


The 4 Stages of the Energy Assistance Package

Stage 1 Stage 1 - Energy advice

Our expert advisors will talk to you about how to make best use of energy in your home and keep your bills as low as possible.


Stage 2 Stage 2 - Benefits, tax credit checks and social tariffs

You may be given the chance to get a benefit and tax credit check. This could help you find out if you are eligible to get more money through benefits or tax credits.

If you are 60 or over and the benefit and tax credit check finds that you might be entitled to more money, you will be offered help with filling in the forms.

Energy suppliers sometimes offer lower cost energy to those who need it, these are called social tariffs. If you qualify, we will help you contact your energy supplier about switching to the lowest tariff they offer.


Stage 3 Stage 3 - Insulation measures from an energy supplier

If your loft has 60 millimetres of loft insulation or less, you may get free loft insulation. If your home has un-insulated cavity walls, you may get free cavity wall insulation.


Who might qualify for Stage 3?

For this part of the package you must be a homeowner, or the tenant of a private-sector landlord (in which case you must get the landlord's permission), and;

you or someone in your household:

  • receive a qualifiying benefit, or
  • are 75 or over, or
  • are 70 or over and have no central heating

If you are not in one of the groups listed but you or your partner is aged 70 or over you may still get free insulation. Even if you are not in any of these groups you may still be able to get subsidised, but not free insulation measures.


Qualifying benefits for Stage 3:

If you or someone in your household is aged 70 or over and have no central heating in your home or if you or someone in your household is aged 75 or over you do not need to be receiving benefits to qualify. For all other people, you need to be in receipt of one or more of the following benefit(s);

  • Pension credit
  • Child Tax credit or working tax credit (where income is less than the qualifying threshold*)
  • Employment and support allowance
  • Attendance allowance
  • Disability living allowance
  • Income support, income based jobseekers allowance
  • Housing benefit
  • Council tax benefit
  • Disablement pension which includes a constant attendance allowance
  • War disablement pension which includes a mobility supplement or a constant attendance allowance

*Please call the free phone number to check current income threshold levels.


Stage 4 Stage 4 Additional insulation and heating measures

People who qualify might be entitled to more insulation, and a free central heating system. Example measures at stage 4 are:

  • Installation of a new central heating system
  • A new boiler
  • Draught proofing
  • Internal or external wall insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Room thermostats and heating controls
  • Loft insulation
  • Hot and cold water tank and pipe insulation
  • Air source heat pump.


Who might qualify for Stage 4?

For this part of the package you must be a homeowner and have occupied the property as your only or main home for at least one year or the tenant of a private-sector landlord (in which case you must get the landlord's permission).

If you or your partner is aged 60 or over and have no central heating system in your home you may be entitled to a free central heating system and insulation.

If your home has a poor energy rating and you belong to one of the following groups you may be entitled to additional measures to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

For example you may be eligible for a new heating system and insulation if you or your partner;

  • are 75 or over
  • are 60 or over and receive qualifying benefits
  • has a child under 5 and receive qualifying benefits
  • has a disabled child under 16 and receive qualifying benefits
  • are pregnant and receive qualifying benefits

More homes are now eligible than ever before due to extensions to the scheme in December to include residential mobile homes and homes that already have some insulation.


Qualifying benefits for stage 4

If you or your partner is aged 60 or over and have no central heating system in your home, or if you or your partner is aged 75 or over, you do not need to be receiving benefits to qualify, as long as you meet the previously stated criteria.

For all other people, you need to meet the previously stated criteria, and be in receipt of one or more of the following benefits:

  • Guarantee element of pension credit.
  • Child tax credit or working tax credit (where income is less than the qualifying threshold*).
  • Attendance allowance.
  • Disability living allowance.
  • Employment and support allowance.
  • Income support, income based jobseekers allowance.
  • Housing benefit.
  • Council tax benefit.
  • Industrial injuries disablement benefit which includes a constant attendance allowance.
  • War disablement pension which includes a mobility supplement or a constant attendance allowance.

If you are unsure if you qualify for any benefits, the Energy Assistance Package offers a benefits and tax credit checking service.

*Please call the free phone number to check current income threshold levels.


What to do next

To find out if you could benefit from the Energy Assistance Package call you localEnergy Saving Scotland advice centre. Call 0800 512 012 to speak to one of our friendly advisors.


Energy Suppliers

The Government's Energy Efficiency Commitment (EEC) has been replaced by the Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT). This means energy suppliers with a certain number of customers operating in Great Britain are obliged to achieve targets for improving home energy efficiency.

The suppliers therefore provide a range of offers which significantly reduce the cost of installing energy efficiency measures. What's more, you can take up offers from any of the energy companies, regardless of who supplies your gas and electricity.




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Did not see you, I thought you were leaving me a person to go back to your world, you know how much I regret this moment? '

Captured the Sha Luoben Sons, he immediately they handed FU Heng's pleasure, daytime and followed it all the way back here from the size of the Jinchuan, every inn, they continue on their way for a horse sleep a coach purses outlet night, two hour, even three meals a day in the immediately resolved only in order to rush back to see her in today.

She sobbed explained, "I do not mean to ignore you, I fell asleep, until she heard someone pounding prayer wheel sound, only to wake up." Her face tears, the mouth is delighted deeply curved to either side onwards.

With warm chest She confirmed that they are not in the dream, he came back, he did come back, she cupped his face, the blur of tears Yan Zheng greatly.

"Your face is how long so many beard, but also have become white?"

His chest vibrate a smile, she wiped off the tears on his face gently to dawdle with her tender face, "It was snow, the way I hurry, no time to shave, so long his face off the gills Hu.

Her rubbing out the remainder of the eyes in tears, the sight suddenly clear up, she looked at him at the moment covered with a weathered face, greatly distressed, "Huang Yong, come back the way you desperately, must be very hard." Than his daytime days of back and forth, here and so his own is really nothing.

"See you still here waiting for me, all the hard coach outlet store online work is worth." He slips what comes coach outlet store online to mind, a Ceremonial Dress surprised, "Oh, Jin Luo, my prayer wheel for broke!"

"It does not matter." She smiled.

"But this way, we can not go back to your hometown!

"I wait here for you day afternoon Both monks to prayer wheel, but what did not happen, and today is not as it was when I came as an earthquake, so I louis vuitton handbags want to go back to the key may be meant something not really tall prayer wheel, now tall prayer wheel was broke, and I think God wants me to stay here. "she had been promised would like to, as long as he come back safely, she will not go back.

"Do not you go back?" Wing Juan is a bit of a surprise.

"Yes." She looks firm said.

"So, you are willing to get out of here coach outlet with me?" He asked.

"Do you mean to leave the palace? Leave the capital?" She coach factory online surprised asked.

"Yes, you are willing to go with me?" He looked at her seriously.

He gazed deeply and Jin Luo Yang Kai elegant and beautiful face a smile, "Well, the ends of the earth I told you to go."

"Then let's go." He took her hand firmly.

"Well," she did not ask him where to take her, followed him to leave willingly.

He held her jumps over the Lama Temple walls, an old lama slowly out of the unlit hall, watching the shadow of coach factory outlet the two disappeared into the snowy night in.

"Master, take away that Jin Gege Ge coach factory outlet Who you?" A young Lama walked out, standing on his side asked.

"It was nice ring Jin Luo princess in waiting."

"But the man turning round to broke."

"Bad to find someone to redo one is late at night and go coach outlet online to sleep." Old Lama finish, turned and went back.

The snow is still falling.

※ * ※ coach handbags outlet * ※ * ※ * ※ * ※

Climbed over the walls, step onto his horse to stay outside the city, with Jin Luo Yong Huang sped away.

Soon, the two sounded behind another tract of hooves and cry.

"Wing Juan."

He looked back, saw snow sprinted toward him from a horse.

"You stop us?" And saw the come Yong Huang face guard asked.

"Is not" sitting on the dark horse Yong Zhen shook his head and said, "I send you a ride."

"What does this mean?" Sitting in front Yong Huang Jin Luo asked puzzled to hear his coach outlet canada words.


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"He was animated that he wanted to guard their player," Brooks coach factory outlet online said. "He wasn't going to let them score."

Lastly, Brooks realized that the pain Bryant played through proved more severe than even he knew. After louis vuitton purses the game, Bryant was diagnosed with a mild concussion from the foul. Bryant recovered from the concussion a coach outlet online few days later and played with coach purses outlet a plastic mask to protect his tender nose.

"This guy has a concussion, his nose is bleeding and they're working on it," Brooks said. "And somehow, he plays through it all."

Laker fans may have grown numb to the process or at least expect Bryant always to show invincibility. But as he recalled the incident Tuesday night at the Pelican Hill Golf Club, Brooks was still impressed.

"I'm seeing coach outlet online this and thinking, 'Wow, it's just an All-Star coach outlet online game.' " Brooks said. "This guy loves the game and does coach outlet online not accept losing as the option. I'm glad he played because we won and Kevin [Durant] got the MVP."

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Even if it means playing with a broken nose.

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