DIY Window Insulation: Shrink-wrap plastic

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Jamie is Research Assistant on the Switched On! project. A resident of Edinburgh for most of his life, he’s excited to be working with the community to create a more sustainable city.


We asked our local experts and this what they said:

Weekend project
£20 or less
£20 per year
100-200kg per year
None available

Making your home more energy efficient doesn't have to be expensive. Cheap, easy to install shrink film can keep heat or air conditioning from flying out the window.

Window insulation kits are typically in stock at home supply and hardware stores, and, for less than ten dollars, you can usually get a kit that will insulate 5 standard size windows or at least one extra large window.

Kits typically include:

  • 1 plastic shrink film sheet
  • 1 roll of double-sided adhesive

To complete the job, you will also need:

  • A sharp pair of scissors or a razor
  • Hand-held hair dryer

Take Down Shades and Curtains

Avoid placing the plastic insulation in an area where you will have to remove any window hardware. Just take down the shade, curtain or blind so that you can clearly see the window and determine where to apply the adhesive.

Clean the Window Frame

First choose the area around the perimeter of the window that you will be applying the double-sided tape to. If your window has a frame, this is the best choice. To ensure that the tape sticks, first clean and dry your window frame.

Apply Adhesive

  1. Measure the width and height of the area that you will be applying the adhesive to.
  2. Cut and apply one strip at a time, pressing firmly along the length of the tape.
  3. Repeat this for each area until you a continuous square of adhesive applied around the entire window frame.
  4. After you have pressed down firmly on the entire length of adhesive, wait 15 minutes to ensure that it has time to adhere securely.
  5. Leave the adhesive backing on until you are ready to apply the plastic.

Apply Plastic Film

  1. The plastic film is typically in one long, folded sheet. Cut a section large enough so to ensure that you have at least one inch of overhang on all sides.
  2. Remove the plastic backing from the tape across the top of the frame and apply the upper two corners of the sheet to the adhesive.
  3. After corners are hung, press along the length of the top strip so that the plastic is secured all the way across.
  4. Repeat this process on each side. Secure the film to the bottom of the frame last.

Shrinking the Film

  1. Use a hand-held hairdryer to shrink the film so that it fits tightly across the window.
  2. Using the highest heat setting, begin at one of the corners and slowly move the dryer across the film until all of the wrinkles have disappeared.
  3. Be sure NOT to let the dryer touch the plastic. It will melt and you’ll have to start all over.

Finishing the Job

  1. After you’ve smoothed out the film using the hair dryer, use a sharp pair of scissors or a razor blade to trim off the excess plastic outside of the adhesive strip.
  2. Re-hang your shades, curtain or blinds.

With simple weatherstripping you have now increased the energy efficiency of your windows and prevented your hard-earned dollars from seeping through the cracks.

Read more at Suite101: Plastic Window Insulation: Energy Efficient Shrink Film to Lower Heating Bill

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